Friday, October 28, 2016

New Introduction

I originally started this blog in 2014, with the hope that today it would have a large readership and a daily or every other day, new article for readers to enjoy or critique. Unfortunately, time and other things got in the way and I left the blog very much more dead than alive.

Well, in 2016, the world of Motorsports and Cars has definitely changed, and we are in a new era, the dawn of another Turbo Era in Formula 1, the emergence of a new generation of NASCAR drivers with new names and the same old engine, Ford has come back to the Endurance Racing scene with it's brand new GT.  All of these motorsport factors alone should astonish and amaze, however the regular car industry has also improved at a impressive rate.

For one, Ford has introduced a Sporty Fusion, a Sporty Focus and a RS Focus for the first time in ages. These three cars are in the stables as the new Ford has settled back on it's feet after the age of recession in 2007, 08 and 09. Chevy has introduced a hatch back in it's line up for the modern young adult like myself who think Hatchbacks are like Old Top Gear, great and amazing. GM also is going to be giving us a mid-engine Corvette, preferably in red or cherry red to start with. Fiat-Chrysler has done amazing work, the Hellcat Engine with it's 707 horsepower is as mighty as it sounds and has featured along side the revitalization of Jeep and has seen new models in the Chrysler 200 and facelift for the ever popular Chrysler 300. The introduction of a Jeep Renegade which to the author is like a small box, but perhaps more traditionally like a old Jeep than the new Cherokee and Grand Cherokee which introduced in 2014 and has also seen strong sales.

Japanese car manufacturers have came on strong since 2014, Honda has thrown itself into F1 again and also given us the NSX in the guise of it's Acura division, coupled with major updates to the Accord and Civic means they have made a major move into the upcoming 2020s. Toyota is sticking with it's very reliable strategy while also killing Scion off, due to most models easily being made with the Toyota badge and also the name GT86 really does sound better than FRS. Couple this with a few facelift models, and you can see why Toyota is a hard brand to beat. Nissan is a brand I really would prefer not to discuss, they have a host of ancient and ailing cars, to Nissan: It is time for a new GT-R, new Zed Car, new everything, even the stuff that might be new now. Subaru, holy moly, we are proud of them, with their Crosstrek and a brand new Impreza, the darling of any real motor enthusiast, coupled with engine and transmission overhauls, are giving yet another burst of fresh air to the auto community.

Now for the Germans...yes, well, uh, VW! Great car company, will have to make 2017 look like nothing has happened and they will recover. If not, who knows. Mercedes has continued on it's merry way to try and appeal to that middle class that has enough to spend $30k or more to buy a car, and they have been successful in this. A word on VW's brands, they're fine, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, they're all brilliant groups doing great cars and great work, the parent brand needs work and hopefully the work will happen.

Jaguar in Britain is now owned by Tata, and credit for them, they did amazing work, the F-Type excites all sorts of passion in people, including myself. So they're doing well enough to give us a Jag SUV for the first time ever. We will see what happens there as well. Aston Martin I do not wish to speak of, they dumped those old Ford engines, and that to a Ford guy like me, you get the picture.

So there is my introduction, I intend to go into motorsports later today, as a great start to my old-new blog!

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