Friday, October 28, 2016

Formula 1 in 2016 Part 3 of 3

Toro Rosso, MRT, Sauber- Excepting Toro Rosso which is not perfect, but was a junior team anyways, and has seen several talented drivers pass through it and score excellent points positions. The other two teams are multi million dollar operations that resemble teams we used to hear about all the time Arrows, Minardi, Lola, sure they're in the Circus, but are they teams with chances to win, not really. But do not discount them on points finishes, it is totally possible they finish in the points in 2017 as there is a shake up on car design.

Pirelli- I include the official tire of F1 here for one reason, they are a winner this year, no real complaints about the wear, or the quality of the rubber, and they've reacted to the 2017 rules by changing the tires again for the future of F1. Count this Goodyear Eagle fan of olden times, truly impressed and I hope 2017 goes well for them as well. The only expectation here is that F1 may open up for companies to buy from Goodyear and Michelin, but I expect Pirelli to be the preferred for some time to come.  

That roughly sums up the Formula 2016 season, who wins the championship? Really both Lewis and Nico, even if Nico wins on points. For one, they both really are the best drivers in the sport, and are made so by their ability and by the ability of Mercedes to build a superb car. 2017 will be a hot season to watch and I encourage all to get ready for some interesting reveals as March draws near. 

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