Friday, October 28, 2016

Formula 1 in 2016 Pt. 2

McLaren-Honda- Oh, what a load of memories I never personally experienced but I have read about. With 1988 to 1992 being astonishing seasons, perhaps the hype was a little too much, even I was excited beyond reason for their chances. Was this season improved, definitely, but this season was not what was hoped for by the fans. 2017 will likely involve podiums if they truly are done playing catch up to the rest of the field, it's only a disappointment we are only going to have Jenson for an advisor next year, unless McLaren surprises even further and starts running three cars. Great things can still happen in this partnership, but then I think the hype train was wholly overloaded, so I can clarify for some as to why McLaren didn't come out winning 15 or 16 races in 2014. The first Honda turbo engines came in 1983 for Williams, that partnership took till 1985 to produce real great results, and till 1986 to win a championship, and 87 to win a Drivers championship, so the 88-91 seasons were the result of years of progress at Williams. They are not losers by virtue of improving, next year may be particularly exciting however, so do not count McLaren-Honda out!

Renault- two years ago I wrote about how we should have Renault back as a team in Formula 1, they are back and they did manage to score some points, again, we don't have to over hype it, this isn't 77 and the teams are not mixing Turbos and Atmos like then. They will improve with time but again, time is not always kind in Formula 1. Next year look for Renault to try for higher points finishes and see more money invested into the team. When the wins will come, no one knows, but they can happen, just as they can happen with all teams mentioned so far. 

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